Exhibit for Tentoonstelling Visuele Poëzie, 9-25 November 2012, Gorettikapel, Tiburg (NL).

good morning, how unable or unwilling

o ve          ve    i e exhibition view

good morning, how can i help you UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO EMBODY THE SPIRIT OF THIS COMPANY would you like a plastic bag SMILE DOES NOT ALWAYS APPEAR GENUINE thank y u ry much VOICES OPINIONS THAT ARE NOT ALWAYS POSITIVE g d m rn ng, h w an h lp y u REFUSES TO INTERNALIZE OUR CORPORATE VALUES w uld y u l k a plast bag thank y u ry much ha a n day oo o i , o i e o HEARS VOICES o o i e ic o ve oo o i , o i e o o o i e ic o e ve ice have a nice day

The first three photos appeared in Truck, November 2012.

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