Local Ghosts

In 2011 Ola Stahl at In Edit Mode Press invited me to participate in a multi-genre project based on derek beaulieu's Local Colour, which itself is a response to Paul Auster's Ghosts. My piece uses words from Auster's novella containing the sounds 'g''o' 'st'and/or 'ts' and superimposes them onto the colour blocks in derek's visual text. The different colours in the visual text become the different 'ghost voices' in the audio.

The piece is included on the CD in Local Colour: Ghosts, Variations, In Edit Mode Press, Malmö, 2012, ISBN 978-91-977853-4-1.

With thanks to the generous and patient voices who consented to haunt me in Ghent and Keighley: Sebastian Bradt, Barbara Buchowiec, Charles Elwood, Phil Exley, Sandie Exley-Watts, Xavier Verhelst, Liz White and Matt Womack, and to Kristof Lauwers for all his help with the technical stuff.

First two pages of the score (the full version is here in pdf):

local ghosts local ghosts

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