za/um = “beyond/sense”
(Russian Futurism)

…these are words that don't belong to any language at all, but they still have something to say, something that is intangible, but nonetheless there…
(Velimir Khlebnikov)

…a poetic language beyond (za) sense or reason (um) …
(Marjorie Perloff)

…a “language of the stars”

zaoem is a new festival of contemporary poetry.

After five international Krikri polypoetry festivals, Krikri vzw is joining forces with the Poëziecentrum and the Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde.

Join poets from Belgium, the Netherlands and the rest of the world for a two-day festival of contemporary poetry in all its forms: from readings to interactive and digital poems, from poetry films to performances by top poets from Finland, Spain, Britain and Canada. Find out what visual poetry looks like in Turkey or Australia, or get up on stage and take part in our open mike.

The festival will be held at three historic locations in Ghent, Belgium: the PoŽziecentrum, the KANTL and the Minardschouwburg.