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Laptops in the foyer of the MinardschouwburgThis exhibition formed part of the Zaoem 2008 festival of contemporary poetry.

It was held on 25th April 2008 in the Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde (KANTL) and on 26th April 2008 in the Minardschouwburg.

Conceived as a mobile exhibition that could move from place to place - and from real to virtual space - it was displayed on several laptops in different locations. The still images were shown sequentially in a loop. Visitors could also move backwards and forwards in the projection or surf to specific images.

Besides the visual and interactive poetry now archived on this site, the exhibition included a collection of poetry films (generously loaned by Galerie 93) and a compilation of films from previous Krikri festivals made by documentary film maker Svend Thomsen.

People looking at visual poetry in the Minardschouwburg foyer People playing with interactive poetry in the bar of the Minardschouwburg Visual poetry in the bar of the Minardschouwburg Visual poetry in the Kantl

With particular thanks to OSD Computers for the generous loan of the laptops.