renaat ramon

carte blanche

poète maudit


Renaat Ramon (Belgium) is a poet and visual artist (monumental sculptures, graphic art, constructivist installations, jewellery, furniture designs and architectural projects). He has edited Betoel, Radar and Diogenes and now works for the Poëziekrant. Besides numerous biographical essays, he has published poetry: Oogseizoen (1976), Ansichten (1980), Flandria Fabulata (1983), Noodweer (1987), Qui-vive (1999), Rebuten (2004) and Geheim besogne (2006), and visual poetry: Ongehoorde gedichten (1997), Color-field poetry (1999) and Visie/Versa (catalogue, 2002). Two new books are on the way: Visie & vorm, a history of visual and concrete poetry in the Netherlands and Flanders, en Zichtbare stem, empirical poems.

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