infusoria: an exhibition of visual poetry by women from three continents

1. an archaic term for minute aquatic creatures
2. an exhibition of visual poetry by women from three continents

Krikri has brought together work by fifteen fascinating visual poets.

With the emergence of the internet, exciting new forms of visual poetry have been appearing all over the world. Although women have been underrepresented in this genre for several decades, we were struck by the dynamic work of young female visual poets in recent years. Fifteen of them, from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States will be taking part in this exhibition.

Their work is diverse: some are clearly deeply rooted in the concrete poetry tradition, whereas others draw more on written poetry or visual art. Digitally literate and influenced by postmodernism and feminism, these poets may reference anything from high finance to female sexuality and the body, the rhetoric of war and environmental destruction to cookery and embroidery. This exhibition aims to emphasise ways in which the visual poetry of the 21st century is revitalising itself and widening its horizons.

Maja Jantar and Lucille Calmel will perform at the opening of the exhibition in Ghent.

The title "infusoria" comes from a poem by Mina Loy, and is an archaic word for microscopic water creatures. It refers, among other things, to the fascination shared by many of these poets for fragile, ephemeral elements.

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4 - 8 March 2009
Maison des Cultures,
Rue Mommaertstraat 4,
1080 Brussels
as part of Le OFF
Opening hours: 15:00-22:00

29 March - 5 April 2009
Het Zilverhof,
Zilverhof 34,
9000 Gent
as part of the Literaire Lente

Sunday 29 March at 4 p.m., with performance by Maja Jantar

Opening hours:
Sunday 29 March, 16:00- 20:00
Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April, 17:00-19:00
Saturday 4 April - Sunday 5 April, 14:00-19:00

With work by:

Organisers: Krikri, with special thanks to Jessica Smith, Thomas Gerard, Alixandra Bamford, Kati Couck and Claire Trevor