Derya Vural

calendar project

Calendar project by Derya Vural on show in Ghent

Unexpectable by Derya Vural

November 30th by Derya Vural

Calendar project by Derya Vural on show in Brussels

Calendar project by Derya Vural on show in Brussels

We determine and count time with the help of repetitive sky events. A day means the time between the rising of the sun twice. We name it according to the instruments we have. In 2008 I named time according to the rising of visual poetry. A visual poetry day means the time between two visual poems. All the things I have lived, seen, exposed, witnessed, thought and not thought have turned into a visual poem on a page of the calendar.

Derya Vural was born in 1974 in Germany. She lives in Istanbul and works as a child psychologist and addiction consultant. She is interested in modern/contemporary visual arts, maths and motor-sports. Her visual poems have been published at Zinhar/Poetikhars (Turkish visual poetry website/magazine) and at, and exhibited at the Asian visual poetry exhibition in Russia since 2005. She continues to publish visual poems on her personal website.

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