Angela Szczepaniak

Honeycombed Heart - A Lovers' Feast - Heart Bundles

Work by Angela Szczepaniak on show in Ghent

Work by Angela Szczepaniak on show in Brussels

Honeycombed Heart by Angela Szczepaniak

A Lovers' Feast by Angela Szczepaniak

Heart Bundles by Angela Szczepaniak

"I respond to language viscerally. I think of words as solid, tangible, almost like you can feel them on the tongue, savour them. Language is plastic and mutable - different configurations change a word's shape and density, not just its meaning. Treating words playfully, experimenting with word arrangements visually and sonically, can set up wonderfully non sequitur worlds that are intriguing and inviting, exuberant, surprising, repulsive... Once, after first seeing one of these organ-recipe pieces, someone threw up. I was delighted."

Angela Szczepaniak is a doctoral candidate at the University at Buffalo, neck-deep in a dissertation on innovative poetry, experimental detective fiction, and comic books. Her first book is a novel-in-poems, called Unisex Love Poems (DC Books, 2008). In addition to publishing poetry and critical essays, she recently participated in a hygiene themed poetry-art project with LOCCAL, and as a result her visual poetry can be found on placards in some of the finest public restrooms in Seattle, WA. At the moment, she lives in Toronto and is a poetry editor for Redwood Coast Press.

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